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From a random writing prompt.

Indianapolis, IN. Not exactly the place most people think about for new beginnings. Those other places are so cliché, it’s sickening. Everyone goes to New York or Los Angeles or Chicago to get their fortunes. It’s so lame. Why should I conform to those low-lives? I’m new, I’m different; there’s no one like me, not anymore. I left all that crap behind me. I got new digs, a new name, hell, even a new Social Security Number. No one is finding me, no how. How could they, when they’re looking in all those big cities?

My new job is just a money-maker; there’s no future in it, and I don’t plan on staying. Game Stop isn’t the best place to rise up in the world, you know? But what the hell, money is money. My coworker is eyeing me, probably looking me up and down, seeing how different I am from her. Well who the hell isn’t different from her? She’s got this crazy hot-pink hair, striped stockings and punk clothes. Of course I’m different. Compared to her, I’m bloody normal. Whatever, she can look all she wants.

“Anya.” I start, but then she has to answer the phone. I shrug, and go back to stocking video games. The money people spend on these things is ridiculous. Sixty bucks for a freaking game? Four-hundred bucks to buy the system to play the game? Bah, waste of time and money. Those losers should be figuring out their futures, not wasting them. 

“Did you want something?” I look up, startled. “You said my name a minute ago. Is there something you need?”

“Yeah, where are the new Final Fantasy games? We’re almost of out them for the Wii.” She glanced at me, looking me over again like I was wearing something crazy, and then just pointed to the back room. I head back there, thinking about how I can’t wait to leave this job behind and go make some real cash. I don’t even like video games. I grab the games and go back out there and finish up my job.

At 5:30, Anya asks me to go out for a drink. I guess it’s past 5, so why not? She takes me to a pub a mile or two away. I wonder why she went all the way there when this town is littered with bars and pubs. Whatever, this Taylor’s Pub must be the best or something.


God she is such a lightweight! What did she have, two beers and a white russian? Lame. I call her a cab, and then wish her luck on her way home. I live right around here anyway, so I just walk home. My place is about as nondescript as a person could imagine, and I want it that way. No drawing attention to myself, at least not for a while. There’s some idiot kids in the parking lot, probably busting a car or something. I hate those brats. They’re always rolling around with their stupid sub-woofers trying to figure out which poor sap forgot to turn on the alarm to his car. I think I’ll scare them tonight. Nothing big, just a fake siren and some flashing lights. Something to liven up this area. It’ll be a hoot.



Would somebody please be really nice and explain lj cuts to me?  I have no idea how they work.... (TT^TT) 

A Waste of Time

A/N:  I got this prompt from jaemint's DBSK Pairing/Prompt Generator.  That's quite handy, that is.

Title: A Waste of Time
Pairing: JaeSu
Warnings: mentions of bdsm
Genre: fluff, humor



It all started with Changmin.  Changmin had successfully nabbed Yoochun and Yunho, but JaeJoong had yet to get Junsu.  Changmin suggested a plan, so Jaejoong went with it.


“Junsu-yah.”  Junsu looked up from his soccer magazine.  JaeJoong was standing in his bedroom’s doorway, dressed like he was going clubbing.


“Are you going somewhere, hyung?” 


“No.”  Junsu was confused.  Why on earth was his hyung standing there in clothes like that if he wasn’t going anywhere?  He put his magazine down to give the eldest his full attention. 


“Then why are you all dressed up?”


“I wanted to show you something.”  Jaejoong moved from the doorway and sat on Junsu’s bed.  He handed Junsu a bundle.  Junsu looked from the bundle to Jaejoong, and back again.  “Just open it, Su-yah.”


Junsu did, and inside was a… collar?  Why would Jaejoong give him a collar?


“Hyung?”  Jaejoong rolled his eyes and took the collar.


“See, Su-yah?”  His hyung showed him the inside of the collar, which said “Made in Thailand”.


“Why is it important that it was made in Thailand?”


“Not that!  This!”  Jaejoong pointed to a different area on the inside of the collar, and this message said “JaeSu”.  Junsu looked up at Jaejoong, bewildered.


“JaeSu?”  With that, Jaejoong threw up his arms, muttering something about a ‘waste of time’ and ‘stupid Changmin’, and stormed out of the room.  Junsu was baffled.  ‘JaeSu’, that meant that Jaejoong wanted him, right?  That he wanted to be top, no less.  But a collar?  Was his hyung ‘that way’?


After talking to Changmin about it, (“Hyung, you’re an idiot.  Have you not seen his posters?  His odd collection of chains and such?”)  Junsu decided that his hyung was indeed ‘that way’.  Now that he knew that, he had to decided if he wanted Jaejoong that way, and if he wanted to be in a relationship ‘like that’. 


5 minutes later


“Hyung…”  Jaejoong turned around, in the midst of cooking some thom ka.  Why he was cooking a coconut soup at one in the morning was a mystery.


“Figured it out, Su-yah?”  Junsu looked up at Jaejoong, and then kneeled before him and held out the collar.  “Su-su?”


“Hyung…  This was why, right?  This is it?”  Jaejoong looked down at Junsu, soon to be his Junsu, and nodded, taking the collar out of Junsu’s hands, and placing it about his neck.


“Su-yah, when we are home, you will wear this.”


“Yes, hyung,”  Junsu said, looking up at JaeJoong.  JaeJoong smiled down at his pet (for that was what Junsu was), and pulled him up for a kiss.


“I love you, pet.  Don’t ever forget that.  You belong to me.”


“Yes, hyung, love you, too”  

A/N:  I guess JJ's clothes are meant for him too look like a badass master....

*Edit:  sorry about the typos and dumb missing words...I was typing on my elbows.... 




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